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Public Housing
Click here for information on our Public Housing program.
Public Housing - 0 Bedroom List: Open
Public Housing - 1 Bedroom List: Open
Public Housing - 2 Bedroom List: Open
Public Housing - 3 Bedroom List: Open
Public Housing - 4 Bedroom List: Open
Public Housing - 5 Bedroom List: Open
When called for an apartment you must have all required documents.
Failure to provide could slow your application process.
Your number on the wait list may change based on preference.

In order to process your application you must download the HUD 9886 form and have all individuals that are listed on your application over the age of 18 to sign with their social security number. Please return the form within 10 days either by mail, email or the office at 49 Upton Heights, Lebanon, Tennessee 37087 or your application will be withdrawn. After the office receives the form it will take 14 days to process your application which does not include weekends. After processing your application you will receive an approval letter or denial letter to the address on the application. Please go online to to get my position to find out where you are on the waitlist.

Click here to download the form: HUD Form 9886

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